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Keep track of how much you unlock your smartphone with this wallpaper


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Unlock Clock is an app that counts the number of times that you unlock your smartphone throughout the day. This wallpaper makes it easy to keep tabs on how much you use your Android device daily.

After installing the app, activate Unlock Clock by going into the settings to the area that allows you to change your terminal's wallpaper. You can find the app here—enable it to see the number of times you unlock your phone daily in a huge font that takes up the whole interface.

One great feature of Unlock Clock is that you can also see this number right from your smartphone’s lock screen. This is how you can view the number of times that you’ve accessed the device, without having to go to your main screen.

Unlock Clock lets you see how many times you use your phone throughout the day. This is no doubt a fantastic app that helps people to be aware of their smartphone addiction.